• Custom bar scarf with logo embroidered
  • Bar scarf embroidery detail of cock in logo
  • Custom bar scarf with header card and hang tag
  • Custom bar scarf KVM yellow/red
  • Bar scarf logo embroidery detail KVM
  • Football bar scarf KVM
  • Custom bar scarf with embroidery
  • Bar football scarf KVO
  • Football bar scarf yellow and blue
  • Bar football scarf black and white with logo
  • Custom bar scarves black/white & red/white

Custom Bar Scarves with Embroidery

Our blocked pattern custom bar scarves are popular with football and rugby fans. Logo or crest will be embroidered on each end.

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Simple and fashionable, our “bar scarf” is popular with many fans in the UK. The common name is derived from the design which consists of a blocked pattern of uniformed coloured bars.

Like our standard jacquard scarves, this scarf is also made from acrylic. However they’re knitted in a different manner which means the weaves are tighter, giving the scarf a different look & feel.

Another difference is that your logo or crest is embroidered on the bar scarf at each end. With our other scarves this is normally woven into the material or directly printed on them.

These scarves are also a bit longer than the others. We can produce them without the embroidery as well.

You can customise the bar pattern (see the scarf photos for some examples), add a club crest, school emblem or business logo and choose up to 4 colours. These scarves are particularly popular with football and rugby fans, as well as social clubs. The logo is less intrusive ensuring that fans will often wear these scarves everyday socially as well.

Here’s some nice recent feedback we got on these:
Just a quick message to say the bar scarves arrived and look great. Even better than I thought. My dad brought them down to the ground on Saturday so started selling them and have received great feedback.


  • up to 4 colours
  • tassels/fringes up to 3 colours
  • 63 x 8in / 160 x 20cm
  • 100% acrylic
  • 2 embroideries (on each end, on one side)
  • minimum wholesale order 100 scarves

If you just want a very simple custom scarf in a block pattern without embroidery, then we can also create a “bar type” design in our jacquard scarves (which will be slightly cheaper).

Please have a look at the additional scarf customisation options, especially if you want to sell these on in your club’s fan shop.

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