Which Custom Scarf to Choose?

In this section we’ll help you find the best type of custom scarf for your needs. Whether this is for a football club, a company event, a concert promotion or wedding, we have the perfect custom made scarf for you.

So which custom scarf is best for my purpose?

The following table is not just based on our own recommendations (and our 10+ years experience making scarves) but also on the actual purchase habits and feedback from our UK clients.

RequirementBest Custom Scarf to Buy
Official football club scarves (large clubs)Standard jacquard scarves, The decision here is normally mainly driven by cost and the jacquard scarves work out cheap at large amounts. However we see many of our large football club clients adding some of our other scarf types to their range, such as the blocked scarves with embroidery, fashion scarves or HD Scarves with special detailed custom designs.
Official football club scarves (smaller clubs)Custom HD Deluxe scarves (70%) or standard jacquard scarves (30%) . The reason Deluxe HD ones are more popular is because the smaller weaves density allows for more detailed design and colours (e.g. with complex club crests). These scarves also feel a bit softer and the feedback we (and the clubs) receive on them is excellent (and for most clubs worth the extra pennies).
Football scarf resellers / half & half scarvesJacquard scarves unless the design is too complex, in which case custom woven are preferred.
Football team fan clubsCustom HD Deluxe scarves tend to be much more popular than standard jacquard scarves because fan clubs often like some more unique and detailed designs on both sides (and the best quality for their members). E.g. London based fanclubs of foreign teams may to include the London skyline within the design on one side.
Corporate scarves (internal use)Deluxe HD or jacquard scarves (depending on design and budget).
Corporate client giftsDeluxe HD scarves or scarves with embroidery, because of the rich detail, soft feel and luxury finishing.
Corporate promotionsPromo printed scarves are especially popular for free hand outs and in large amounts due to their low cost. One sided woven scarves are an alternative, since they work out cheap too in large numbers.
Schools / NurseriesDeluxe HD (kids) or standard jacquard scarves. Scarves for the different school 'houses' in the style of the Harry Potter scarves are popular.
Music Artists / BandsJacquard for basic design scarves or printed scarves if the design includes images (e.g. band members) or lots of text (e.g. tour dates).
Artist / Band fan clubsDeluxe HD scarves for detailed designs and existing members. Custom jacquard scarves or printed scarves for re-sale.
Outdoor sportsCustom jacquard or Deluxe HD scarves, as a key purpose of the scarves is to keep warm in the winter as well.
Indoor sportsCustom printed scarves if they are to be worn at the indoor event (because they're thinner). Jacquard or Deluxe HD scarves if your fans are mainly going to wear the scarves outdoors to represent your club.
Stag parties & Hen nightsCustom jacquard scarves if the event is mainly outdoors (or in winter). Custom printed scarves for indoor events, or designs with full colour picture of the stag or hen.
WeddingsDeluxe printed scarves for mementos which include pictures of the newly-weds. Jacquard scarves for outdoor use (e.g. wave outside church or registry).

Scarf comparison Table

SizeColoursMin. Order QuanityPrice for 100 (ex. VAT)DesignMaterialOptional Extras
Custom Jacquard Scarves55 x 7in / 140 x 18cmup to 450£4.60two sided (front / back)100% acrylic (knitted - normal weaves density)embroideries, different sizes
Custom Deluxe HD Scarves55 x 7in / 140 x 18cmup to 725£5.49two sided (front / back)80% acrylic / 20% lycra (knitted - small weaves density)embroideries, different sizes
Custom Bar Scarves with Embroidery63 x 8in / 160 x 20cmup to 4100£5.99blocked pattern100% acrylic (knitted) + 2 embroideries
Custom Promo Printed Polyester Scarves v143 x 4in / 110 x 10cmfull colour50£2.95two sided (front / back)100% polyester (printed)
Custom Promo Printed Polyester Scarves v251 x 6.7in / 130 x 17cmfull colour50£4.15two sided (front / back)100% polyester (printed)
Custom Standard Printed Polyester Scarves55 x 7in / 140 x 18cmfull colour50£4.95two sided (front / back)100% polyester (printed)different sizes
Custom One sided Woven Scarves51 x 8in / 130 x 20cmup to 850£4.45one side70% acrylic and 30% polyester (woven)different sizes
Custom Deluxe HD Kids Scarves43 x 6in / 110 x 15cmup to 750£5.30two sided (front / back)80% acrylic / 20% lycra (knitted)embroiderie

Included with all our custom scarves:

Free design service, free optional tassels (up to 3 colours), sample for approval (as part of production process), standard delivery (3-4 weeks) / express delivery (2 weeks)

For 2 sided scarves you can use a different design at each side of the scarf at no extra cost!