Jacquard scarf vs Deluxe HD scarf

While the custom jacquard scarf is still by far our most popular product, the demand for our Deluxe HD scarf is constantly growing. On this page, we’ll try to explain in detail the key differences between both scarves to help you make a choice. Obviously, if you’re serious about making a purchase you can always contact us and ask for a sample jacquard and deluxe hd scarf.

Custom jacquard scarfJacquard scarf up to 4 colours
Custom deluxe hd scarfDeluxe HD scarf up to 8 colours

Click on the images above to view the details of the scarves in full detail.


Custom scarves colour optionsYou can personalise the jacquard scarf with up to 4 colours. Please note that white is not counted as a colour.

Our deluxe hd scarves on the other hand, can be customised with up to 7 colours. Obviously, if you have a scarf design or logo with lots of different colours, then the deluxe hd one may be the only option for you anyway.

If you want to use even more than 8 colours (e.g. if your design includes a colour photo) than you really should opt for our printed scarves which are truly full colour, though as the name suggests, they’re printed on polyester and not woven like the deluxe hd and jacquard scarves.

Weaves Density

The Deluxe HD scarves have a smaller weaves density than the jacquard ones. The smaller weaves density has 2 key benefits:

  • Smaller weaves density means that the colour contrast will be clearer. This will be particularly visible on detailed logos or crests.
  • While both scarves feel very comfortable and soft on the skin, a smaller weaves density tends in feel even softer in most peoples opinion.
Jacquard scarf detail weavesJacquard scarf weaves
Deluxe HD scarf weaves detailDeluxe HD scarf weaves

You’ll notice the difference in weave density in the 2 pictures above.


Both scarves are made and woven using the highest quality fabrics. They’re very durable as well and last very long, even after lots of washes. Because the deluxe hd scarf is made of 20% lycra, they feel slightly softer. The lycra also has elastic qualities, which makes the density smaller.


The deluxe hd scarf is priced about 75 to 85 pence more than the jacquard one. Obviously, as a reseller or club shop, you can ask more for the deluxe hd version if you like.

Order Size

Both standard jacquard scarves can be ordered in your custom design from a minimum order size of 50, while the minimum order quantity on the deluxe hd scarves is as little as 25. Don’t forget that we offer a free design service. So before you make any order you’ll be able to see exactly what the scarf will look like.


We can add your own custom label to both the Deluxe HD and jacquard scarves at a small extra cost (great for your own branding).


Because most customers are used to the standard jacquard scarves, here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from our UK & Ireland customers who bought the Deluxe HD scarves for the first time:

I received the scarves yesterday and have to say I am blown away with the quality, I was expecting them to be good but they are brilliant.” (Tony – Castle Villa AFC)

“…. never seen the crest look so good on any knitted product ever.” (son of founder – Castle Villa AFC)

They are really nice! So nice that even my wife, who hates football, wants one…!” (Blair – St Andrews Utd FC)

Which scarf is best for me?

Well, that really depends on your personal preference and the purpose ordering the custom scarves. Here are some quick suggestions:

  • Does your design include more than 4 colours? —> deluxe hd scarf
  • Is your logo/crest detailed or does the design include lots of text? —> deluxe hd
  • Is the scarf used for a single event (e.g. friendship football scarf or concert with date on it)? —> jacquard scarf
  • Is the price important and you want the cheapest option? —> jacquard

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