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Custom Printed Flags

Standard 5x3 printed flags which can be personalised with your design, crest or logo using up to 4 colours.

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Our standard 5×3 printed flags can be fully customised with your design, crest or logo, using up to 4 colour. Each flag will come in its individual see-through plastic bag, so they’ll be easy for you to distribute or sell.

Obviously flags are a must have item for many football fans and therefore most of our clients for this item are football clubs. However other sports clubs, companies, event organisers and fan clubs may also benefit from purchasing their own custom printed flags wholesale.

The below specifications are for our standard flag size and type. However please contact us if you have any other requirements because we have other flag types and sizes available too.


  • up to 4 colours
  • 5 x 3 ft / 59 x 35.5in / 150 x 90cm (standard size – other flag sizes available on request)
  • 100% polyester
  • min. wholesale order 100 flags
  • standard UK delivery 4-5 weeks
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