Custom printed label on scarf

Custom Printed Labels

Custom printed labels with your branding and optionally a barcode.

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If you’d like your logo, crest or an official EAN barcode to be added to the scarves you order than we can easily add some custom printed labels. Each label can include any information you like on either side. E.g. you can print your branding on one side of the label and the barcode on the other side.

The glossy custom printed labels are useful to keep your branding visible on the scarves. Football clubs may use the labels to add their crest or online shop details. Though businesses may add them when they create scarves for certain events they sponsor. Often the scarf will be designed with the event in mind, and instead of adding the name of the business on the scarf, a custom printed label offers a less intrusive means to add some corporate branding.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss which label option is best for you.

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