• Personalised sweadbands football
  • Custom sweadbands embroidered logo
  • Personalised sweadbands with custom header card
  • Personalised sweadbands with custom packaging
  • Custom sweadband fabric detail
  • Custom sweadbands football club

Custom Sweatbands

Soft personalised sweatbands with your logo embroidered in the fabric (supplied in pack of two).

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These soft sweatbands can be fully personalised to your requirements. They are supplied in packs of two.

You can choose the colours you like and your custom crest or logo will be embroidered into each sweatband. You can choose the same design for each sweatband, or mix-and-match between the sweatbands.

The sweatbands are very comfortable and are ideal to be used for any sports activities, or just as a fashion accessory.


  • 100% cotton spandex
  • minimum wholesale order 100 sweatbands
  • standard UK delivery 3-4 weeks
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