• Personalised toddler suitcase
  • Custom toddler suitcase inside detail
  • Personalised toddler suitcases

Personalised Toddler Suitcases

Cute and durable toddlers' suitcases which are fully personalised with your branding.

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These mini suitcases are made for toddlers and small infants.

They’re not only very cute, but also durable and meet the necessary EU safety standards.

The finishing of these toddler’s suitcases is very detailed and quite unique. These are ideal for any baby or gifts section of a football fan shop, or to hand out as relationship presents by nurseries or childcare companies.

We have a wide range of standard toddlers suitcase colours available. Each one will be personalised and printed in full colour with your branding, logo, crest and text.


  • minimum wholesale order is 50 toddler suitcases
  • standard UK delivery time 4 to 5 weeks
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