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Euro 2016 Merchandise - Wholesale

euro 2016 merchandiseThis summer's UEFA European championships, Euro 2016, will take place in France from 10 June to 10 July 2016. With 3 home nations qualifying there will be more interest than ever for a major football event. Both Wales and Northern Ireland qualified for the first time in their history, while England wrote a bit of history themselves by qualifying without dropping a single point in Euro 2016 qualifying.

Many football fans are expected to make the short journey over the channel to France (whether they have tickets are not). And many more fans will watch the games in pubs, clubs, town squares or at home with friends. So the demand for Euro 2016 fan merchandise will be greater than ever as fans look to support their country home or away.

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We are one of Europe's largest football merchandise wholesalers with over 10 years experience. We were the largest wholesale supplier of custom fan merchandise during the Brazil World Cup 2014 in Belgium. Arguably a country were the fans spend more per capita on football merchandise than anywhere else, as fans looked to support their golden generation.

With a UK office we're perfectly placed to use our large tournament experience to supply Euro 2016 merchandise to Wales, Northern Ireland and England, as well as any other European nations.

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So who should consider buying wholesale Euro 2016 merchandise?

  • Retailers selling Euro 2016 products direct to customers through their own webstore or shop.
  • Retailers selling Euro 2016 products via eBay or Amazon Markets.
  • Companies handing out Euro 2016 themed merchandise to their clients or staff.
  • Pubs or event organisers showing Euro 2016 games.
  • National fan clubs who want to sell or give away themed merchandise to their memebers.
  • Fans wanting to make a quick buck by selling Euro 2016 themed scarves, hats or other merchandise at games or events.

So what Euro 2016 related products do we produce?

Well, pretty much your imagination is our limit. If there's something you want we normally should be able to customise it and supply it to you.

But let's take some examples.

Custom Euro 2016 Scarves

Our custom football scarves are wildly popular and we can produce them with any design you like. We have many different scarf types available and you can use the colours, logo, crest and text you like. Minimum order quantity is 50, and we offer a free design service. So use your imagination and come up with a unique Euro 2016 design. Just your description should be enough for our designers to finalise the scarf design.


pays de galles euro 2016 scarves

road to france euro 2016 scarf

Euro 2016 T-Shirts

euro 2015 t-shirtWe have a large choice of quality cotton t-shirts available in your national colours. All can be customised and printed with your design. Why not come up with an original idea and sell them on eBay?

Custom Euro 2016 Hats and Caps

While beanie hats may be a bit warm for the summer in France, baseball caps will be more popular headwear. We can fully customise caps with your country's colours and any text you like embroidered. In fact any of  our range of custom design hats can be personalised for Euro 2016.

Custom National Flags

We can produce national flags wholesale in any size you like. They can be customised with your own text and designs too.

Other Euro 2016 wholesale products we can supply for your country include wigs, bang-bang sticks, sunglasses, make-up sticks, car window covers, pendants, pins, footballs, wristbands and much more merchandise.

Custom Fan Packs

England football fan pack Euro 2016Our standard 2016 football fan packs (see picture) come with 6 ready articles for your fans to support their country: 1 cap, 1 horn, 1 make-up stick, 1 garland, 2 bang bang sticks and 10 body tattoos. We can produce those for any Euro country. Other merchandise can be added and these fan packs can take your corporate branding as well. Ideal both for retail re-sale and corporate gifts.

And did we forget to mention that our prices are extremely competitive (we supply some of the biggest fan shops in Europe, so we have to be!).

Just get in touch with us for any questions, free designs or competitive quotes.

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