We have been designing and producing custom football and rugby scarves for the past 20 years. The designs have evolved over the years as new production techniques and yarns allow for more detailed and colourful scarves.

Below is a small subset of the 500+ football, rugby & sports club scarves we have supplied so far this year. The selection includes our popular custom Deluxe HD scarves (which feel softer and allow for more detail due to the higher weaves density), as well as some of our standard jacquard scarves and bar scarves with embroidery. You can click on any image to enlarge it.

Carshalton Athletic FC – Deluxe HD Scarf

Based in Carshalton in the London Borough of Sutton, Carshalton Athletic Football Club play in the Isthmian League Premier Division.

The Carshalton Athletic FC scarf design in their red & white club colours uses the club name across the scarf with the club logo at the ends. Please note the detail possible in the bird (their crest) in this custom deluxe HD scarf.

Rusthall FC – Deluxe HD Scarves

Rusthall FC is an English football club located in the village of Rusthall, near Royal Tunbridge Wells, in Kent. This non-league club plays in the Southern Counties East League Premier Division, which is at Step 5 (Level 9) of the English Pyramid.

Rusthall went for our Deluxe HD scarves which allowed us to create their multi-colour crest in full detail (HD scarves allow up to 8 colours).

They bought 2 different scarf designs (as well as some custom made beanie hats). Because our minimum order quantity is only 50 scarves, it’s always worth consideration to order different designs to give your fans some choice.

Both Rusthall FC scarves use the standard “name across + crest at the end” design. However, instead of going for a plain background, they added their crest as a pattern to the green background.

The 1st design uses a large version of their crest in the background pattern.

The 2nd design uses the small version of the Rusthall FC crest as a pattern in the green scarf background.

Loch Ness FC – jacquard scarf

Loch Ness Football Club is a Scottish football club playing in the North Caledonian Football League currently based in the city of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

Loch Ness FC opted for our standard jacquard scarf. You’ll notice the slightly lower weaves density in the detail of the scarf. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of detail possible in the design, as you can see in their 2021/22 football scarf which sees Nessy lurking behind the Loch Ness FC crest and on the back of the scarf.

Deal Town Rangers – Deluxe HD Scarf

Deal Town Rangers is an England Football Accredited Club established in 1993 who play in the Kent County Football League.

Using their trademark black and white colours and crest at the end of the scarf, they used a trendy font for their club name across the scarf. You’ll notice the effect of the letters which look scribbled on the scarf. This is possible due to the smaller weaves density and production process of our Deluxe HD scarves.

Clifton Rangers YFC – jacquard scarf

Clifton Rangers is one of the longest established youth football clubs in West Yorkshire area.

They went for the most used design, i.e. crest at the end and name across, on a jacquard quality scarf. Always a nice and familiar look.

Tarbolton RFC – bar scarf with embroidery

Tarbolton RFC is a supporters club of Glasgow Rangers Football Club.

They chose a classic looking bar/blocked scarf in the colours of Rangers with their own supporters’ club crest embroidered at the ends. You’ll notice that the embroidery sits on top of the scarf and is very rich in detail.

London Irish Rugby – bar scarf with embroidery

London Irish RFC is a professional English rugby union club with an Irish identity. They play in the Premiership Rugby, the highest tier of English rugby.

The London Irish bar scarf design has green blocks divided by white & light green stripes. We used 2 different embroideries at either end of the scarf, their club crest and a badge of their knickname ‘Exile Nation’.

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